Who Are We

In 2014, we decided to clean up our credit, well attempt to. After many failed attempts and a plethora of bumps in the road; from dealing with credit bureaus, collection agencies, and creditors. We were paying things we shouldn’t have paid, agreeing to things we shouldn’t have agreed to. The task became exhausting and overwhelming. We would reach out to different “repair” companies, only to discover that they were all either too expensive, or just not the right fit for us.

So, in 2015 when both of our credit scores were at an all-time LOW, to be specific, they both were in low and mid 500’s. We decided to educate ourselves and we set out to learn as much as we could about the credit world. We obtained several certifications in credit repair and also became Board Certified Consultants. We realized that this knowledge not only changed our lives, but the lives of those most important to us, our family & friends.

With having a background in mental health nursing & bank finance, we decided to combine our love of people and finance to create EduCredit, LLC. A family-based company built on compassion, understanding, education, and helping others reach their maximum potential.

So our mission is simply to assist those that are not only interested in “deleting” items from their reports, but those that are ready to create lifestyle changes that can be passed on to generations to come.

We are more than your typical “repair” company.
We are REAL PEOPLE, with REAL EXPERIENCES, that are here to help get you to your next credit level.

Kind Regards,

David & Shareta Butler